Top 8 Digital Marketing Internship Sites in India 2023

In today’s digital age, the importance of hands-on experience cannot be overstated, especially in the dynamic field of digital marketing. Internships provide students and aspiring professionals with the opportunity to gain practical knowledge, build a professional network, and kickstart their careers. India, with its thriving digital landscape, offers numerous internship opportunities in this field. In this article, we’ll explore the top 8 digital marketing internship sites in India for 2023, introduce the School of Digital Marketing courses in Pune, Nashik, and Nagpur, offer quick tips for landing the perfect internship, and highlight the promising career prospects in digital marketing for students and professionals.

  1. Internshala

Internshala is a renowned platform for internships across various fields, including digital marketing. It connects students and job seekers with companies offering internships, making it a valuable resource for finding digital marketing opportunities.

Example: A student looking for a digital marketing internship on Internshala lands a role as a social media marketing intern at a startup.

  1. LetsIntern

LetsIntern is another popular platform that provides a wide range of internship opportunities. It allows you to filter internships by location, duration, and field, making it easier to find digital marketing roles in your preferred city.

Example: An aspiring digital marketer uses LetsIntern to secure an internship in content marketing at a digital agency.

  1. Twenty19

Twenty19 specializes in offering internships, online courses, and projects to students and young professionals. It collaborates with companies to provide valuable learning experiences in digital marketing.

Example: A recent graduate completes a digital marketing internship with a major e-commerce platform through Twenty19, gaining insights into e-commerce marketing strategies.


AIESEC is a global youth network that provides internship opportunities in various sectors, including digital marketing. It focuses on international internships, allowing students to gain cross-cultural experiences.

Example: A marketing student from India participates in an AIESEC program and completes a digital marketing internship in Europe, broadening their global perspective.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not just a professional networking platform; it’s also a hub for job and internship postings. Many companies in India share digital marketing internship opportunities on LinkedIn.

Example: A job seeker follows digital marketing companies on LinkedIn and discovers a content marketing internship at a leading tech firm.

  1., one of India’s largest job portals, lists internships in various industries, including digital marketing. It’s a valuable resource for both students and working professionals seeking internships.

Example: A working professional looking to transition into digital marketing finds a part-time digital marketing internship on

  1. Indeed

Indeed is a global job search engine that includes internship listings. It offers a user-friendly interface to search for digital marketing internships based on location, company, or keywords.

Example: A recent graduate lands a social media marketing internship at a prominent media agency by applying through Indeed.

  1. School of Digital Marketing

For those seeking comprehensive digital marketing internships and training, the School of Digital Marketing – Digital Marketing training in Nagpur offers practical experience through its internship programs. With locations in Pune, Nashik, and Nagpur, the school provides a hands-on learning environment.

Quick Tips for Landing the Perfect Internship:

  • Customize your resume and cover letter to highlight relevant skills and experiences.
  • Network with professionals and attend industry events to discover internship opportunities.
  • Prepare for interviews by researching the company and practicing common interview questions.
  • Showcase your passion for digital marketing through a well-maintained online presence and portfolio.

Ready to kickstart your digital marketing career with an internship? Enroll in the School of Digital Marketing’s courses in Pune, Nashik, and Nagpur today! Gain the expertise required to excel in the world of digital marketing and secure your dream internship.

Digital Marketing: A Bright Career Path

Digital marketing offers a promising career path for both students and professionals. With the increasing reliance on online channels for marketing, businesses are constantly seeking digital marketing experts to help them reach their target audience effectively. By acquiring the right skills and knowledge, you can build a rewarding and fulfilling career in digital marketing. Don’t miss out on the opportunities this field has to offer—start your journey toward a bright digital marketing career today!

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