Is it easy to go to college in the United States?

Studying abroad is getting younger and younger, and the United States has become the first choice because of its educational advantage. However, the application is not simple, and it requires a lot of materials. The recommendation letter (also known as ) is one of the necessary ones. Most people will let the study agent help, and it will be much easier. There are many things to study in the United States that need to be kept in mind, otherwise it is easy to get yourself into trouble. Among them, the most important issue is the issue of legal status. In recent years, h1b visas have been favored by more and more people. However, due to the tightening of policies, applications are getting more and more difficult. You can choose the more professional law firm such as goh1b to help apply. The rate will be higher.

Going to college in the United States is not as easy as imagining. In addition to direct application, many people choose to enter community colleges first, then transfer to American community colleges, and choose schools and majors that are more suitable for them. This requires them to be busy with their studies. In life, in the United States does not want to be the same in the country, mobile payment has become the mainstream, the US credit card (also known as 美国信用卡) is very necessary, but still need to know in advance.

American undergraduate education is known for its strict, solid, and high quality. The high quality teaching standards of American universities are guaranteed by their unique university certification system. In general, a full-time student spends about 40 hours a week studying in and out of the classroom. In order to achieve good grades, students must complete the reading tasks assigned by the professor before class, complete homework on time, get good grades in various sizes, actively participate in class discussions and write high quality papers. The goal of American undergraduate education is to train talents with strong writing skills, strong critical thinking, and strong speech skills. In addition, students will also specialize in a major (you can also choose a minor) to lay a solid foundation for future careers. It is very hard to study in the United States, and students need to make unremitting efforts. It is completely useless to hold the Buddha’s feet before the final exam. I think this is why the degree of American universities is so valued! Don’t be misled by Hollywood movies, no students will have time to party all day.

Of course, in addition to intense and orderly learning, students also participate in a wealth of extracurricular activities, such as volunteering in the community and attending a student club in the school. These activities can greatly enrich the lives of international students, help you learn how to get along with students from other cultures, understand the history and culture of other countries, help you improve your English, and you can also make more international friends. .

If you want to find a job in New York (also known as 纽约找工作), a work visa is essential. Due to the increase in the refusal rate in recent years, the best way is to find a professional law firm to help, many people choose goh1b, which is another expense. So what about goh1b (also known as goh1b怎么样)? The price of many law firms is relatively high, and goh1b has been welcomed by international students with its professional standards and high cost performance.

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