Green card application guide

For international students, the green card is a dream. A green card is an identification document used to prove that a foreigner has permanent resident status in the United States. The legal permanent residency of a green card holder is an officially granted immigration benefit, which includes a conditional residence and employment permit in the United States. The holder must maintain his permanent resident status and if the condition required for the identity is no longer satisfied, the holder may lose the identity. Green card holders are foreigners who do not have US citizenship and do not have US citizenship. However, it basically enjoys the same treatment as its own nationals in the United States, but has no right to vote and to be elected.

Every year, many people apply for green cards, and applications for eb1 immigrants (also known as eb1移民), eb2 immigrants (also known as eb2移民), and eb3 immigrant (also known as eb3移民) continue to grow. However, due to strict requirements for green card applications, the process is also very long, it takes about six or seven years, so the difficulty is still very large. Many people choose to apply for the h1b visa first, and then apply for a green card. The H1b visa application is not simple, especially since it has a lottery link and is very random. So you can find h1b law firm to help, if you do not know how to choose the law firm, you can refer to the h1b law evaluation (also known as h1b律所测评) article, many people have given advice based on personal experience.

Of course, after the h1b visa application is successful, you need to start preparing for the green card application, or you can find an immigration lawyer to help, after all, they will be more professional. Similarly, in the selection of immigration law firms, we can also refer to the evaluation articles of immigration law firms (also known as 移民律所测评). Netizen will give evaluations on lawyers and services in various law firms. In the United States, there are many such immigration law firms, such as Green Card Legal, NYIS Law Firm (also known as纽约小纽律师事务所), etc., everyone needs to carefully consider and choose the most suitable law firm.

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