Good Questions to Ask An International School in Bangkok

Moving to another country can be a scary prospect, but some countries make the move very easy. Thailand is one of those countries, and Bangkok is a welcoming city that will keep you living there for years to come. For anyone moving with a family, there are many international schools to choose from. There are a few great starting questions to ask a school to see how they will fit with you and your family.

  1. What Curriculum Do You Offer?

This is easily one of the most important questions to offer, but you should know which answer you’d like. Any major international school in Bangkok will typically follow a curriculum adapted from a western country. Take some time to research the curriculum or consider if you’d like your child to learn the same curriculum as your home country. The most popular Western curriculums in Bangkok are the American, British, and Australian curriculums.

  1. What Accreditation Does the School Have?

Accreditation means that an outside educational institution has looked at the school and determined that they are following through with the curriculum appropriately. While many schools will list accreditation on their website, it is also best to ask, in case any new accreditations have been added to the school.

  1. What After-School Activities Are Offered?

Many international schools will offer activities after school, ranging from sports to extra homework help. Make sure to see what is offered with the school and ask about prices. Some international schools will offer them for free, and some will have you pay. Typically, the paid ones are more engaging and interesting because the payment will go towards supplies to create a unique experience.

  1. What Additional Facilities Do You Have on Campus?

Take time to find out what is beyond the classrooms. A good international school will not just place focus on the academics in the classroom. Look at the pool area. Check to see if the gym is indoor or outdoor. How many different sports are offered? Ask to see the science labs or IT rooms. These are all important aspects of ensuring your child has a well-rounded education.

When you find interest in a school, be sure to visit the campus. There are many things you will notice that aren’t apparent in emails and on websites. Talk to a few members of staff, if possible. If they are happy and willing to talk to you about the school, that is a good sign that they treat their employees right. Happy teachers will always equal happy students, and that’s when true education can begin.

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